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At Escribe Germador [@germador_] we love to travel, cook, read, eat, write and talk with people from all over the world, because we know that this is where culture begins. And today is not the exception, we arrive to Virginia (United States), where a beautiful woman opened the doors of her farm with a smile on her face and many anecdotes to tell us, with you Beatrix Ost.

✅ G.M. Beforehand, I want to thank you Mrs. Ost for opening the doors of your home, and for dedicating this time to make an entertaining interview. Before I start, I want you to know that you are my platonic love, since I saw you, my soul recognised that you’re a woman made art in the way I named the interview that way.

Let’s start, Who’s Beatrix Ost?

✅ B.O. It’s a pleasure to have you here dear Germán, and if you knew that I am thy platonic love, you always let me know. And I want to tell you what good to know about thou, and to see what you’re with Dora are doing’s very nice.

In regards to your question, mmm… her very self.

G.M. I was fascinated by your answer, we must be ourselves.

B.O. Yep, of course!

G.M. And tell me, why do you like vintage fashion?

B.O. When it’s well designed, well executed it stays on through time.

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G.M. Cute!

Hmmm… What does fashion mean to you?

B. O. Fashion is but one tool of self-expression, there are many more.

G.M. Amazing!

Does your family support you in this adventure?

B.O. Of cause my fam never stayed on my way.

G.M. Oh! Pardon me!

B.O. Take it easy!

G.M. Ta!

So, how do you unite the passion for animals and fashion?

B.O. Everything surrounding us in partnership with the whole picture, where nature and their creatures are part of ourselves.

G.M. It’s sound well.

Why do you like dancing, specially dancing Tango, which’s typical dance from Argentina and you are Germán?

B.O. Ah dancing Tango!… it’s such self-expression and it has many facets! No end to learning it.

G.M. Dancing is something wonderful, and I think that Tango‘s very romantic and seductive dance.

B.O. You’re right!

G.M. So, How many pets do you’ve and what kind of animals are they?

B.O. I’ve 2 big dogs, hunters of sorts, they’re like people friends really.

G.M. I love them!

Let’s get back to the topic, what do you thing about the new concepts in fashion?

B.O. As times are changing, so does everyone and everything not only fashion. Nothing is permanent, whether I want to be part of it or not. I welcome it, the new is new!

G.M. Your concept about fashion’s fascinating.

In this century is vintage style viable?

B.O. Vintage is good to learn from and incorporate it into new ideas.

G.M. You’re right!

You are also a plastic artistic, a poet, a writer, how has this experience been?

B.O. I am always an artist in every sense, that I cannot stop.

G.M. You missed saying that you are poetry made woman (lol).

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Define with your own style, please!

B.O. I’m style, my very own creation, I’m style!

G.M. I love your way of being.

So, how do you see fashion in United States?

B.O. Fashion is forever changing and inventing, it’s a big money-making industry.

G.M. Yeah! Fashion is a big industry.

What has been the experience of working with one of the most important photographers in the world such as Ari Seth Cohen?

B.O. Oh Ari Cohen’s one of his very own, he is so curious and he made the call from his heart his creative mission! He’s a wonderful person, I love him and his work.

G.M. So stunning! What more generous words!

Thank you very much Mrs. Ost, well actually my platonic love, for allowing us this interview, that you showed us your most natural thoughts and your light that comes from the soul.

B.O. It’s a pleasure! Thanks to you Germán!, it was a nice interview, and I’d like to leave a message to all the readers of this website, “In your body is a good place to be! Be present, it’s a present!” Thanks!

Find more of her artistic world by visiting her website at: http://www.beatrixost.com/ or follow her on Instagram: @beatrixost

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